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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wigwam Golf Resort Blue Course

Over the weekend, Zombie Will and I decided to try out the Wigwam Golf Resort Blue Course. We've golfed at the Wigwam before last year on the Red Course. The Wigwam Golf Resort has 3 very nice courses, Blue, Red and Gold. The Wigwam is a great course, especially in the summer. There are plenty of giant trees for shade, and plenty of water features and ponds to keep it cooler. The fairways and greens are well kept and the golf attendants, were very nice and attending. Zombie Will and I played pretty darn well that day. The only drawback that I can see is that many of the fairways parallel each other and at some points are very narrow. Which wasn't an issue for us, but definitely an issue for other golfers that shanked and spanked their ball into different fairways. There were several instances where people's drives were banking off trees. Trust me, not everyone got a membership bounce. For some reason the term "duck" comes to mind. Near the end of the round I was feeling a little shell shocked from all the in-coming golf ball mortor. Despite that, I had a great round and I am looking forward to giving the Gold course a try. I will just wear a helmet next time. I'm kidding. I vote anyone coming to visit Phoenix and the surrounding area should definitely give these courses a try. Big Zombie 9 on the zombie scale!

To book a tee time at the Wigwam email: www.wigwamgolfclub.com or call 623-935-9414 / 1-800-909-4224

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