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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sanctuary Golf Course at Westworld

First, let me say I went back to Estrella last weekend to take another crack at the course, since we had a wind factor. I have to be honest, I can't blame those questionable shots on the wind.

This weeks blog is about Sanctuary Golf Course in Scottsdale. This very narrow, some what tough course wasn't bad. This course is built in a flood plan area, where the power lines and the Salt Rive Project canal meet. You will notice many a picture with power lines in the background. The course was well maintained and the staff were very nice and helpful. Especially when our golf cart ran out of juice and Will had to push me up a hill to the next tee box. The cars are equipped with GPS, so a quick push of a button had a new cart delivered in no time at all. Though I have to admit, I did enjoy Will pushing the cart. There was also an Ashton club rep on the turn at the 10th tee. Before our round, I demo-ed a putter. Which I totally fell in love with and had to buy. Not a cheap around of golf that day. I didn't have a bad round of golf, but I get this feeling there is a magnetic pull that sucks the golf balls in the direction of the small sandy ravines. Could be the electro magnetic fields coming from the power lines or just the fact that I couldn't drive straight. I vote we go with the latter. All in all this was a fun course, not as scenic as most but definitely fun.

To see pictures of this course, click on the Photo Bucket link to the right. To book a tee time:

www.sanctuarygolf.com or call 480-502-8200

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