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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golf Club at Estrella Ranch

The Golf Club at Estrella Ranch is one of Arizona's fun and challenging courses. It's a hidden gem in the Estrella mountain range. The staff is super nice. Big shout out for Denny. He is one of the attendants at the bag drop and was very nice. It was a gorgeous day starting out and even my not so great shots weren't all that bad. The real challenge came into play when the gale force winds picked up on the last 5 holes. I was worried about hitting into the wind and having my ball come back to knock me in the forehead. There was one episode when my visor blew off and I was sent scrambling through the desert bush to tackle it. No worries folks, I saved it. On the turn at 10, we picked up some munchies which were pretty darn good. The gals/guys in the snack bar were very nice and had our food out quickly. Estrella Ranch is well maintained and fun to play. I enjoyed it so much, that we are going back this weekend to play again, minus the hurricane force winds. (Hopefully). I give this course a 10. Please feel free to comment on this course.

To book a tee time at Estrella Ranch:

www.estrellagolf.com or call: 623-386-2600

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  1. I believe I will be out that way by the end of this month. I may have to stop by and play this course. Sounds not only fun but also beatiful, plus anything that is a challenge is fun. Thanks for the info on it.

    I imagine I will probably find out how I fare in the heat of Arizaon also. A challenge all in its self i bet.