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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rancho Mañana Golf Club in Cave Creek

Whether you're a native, transplant or just visiting, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful Rancho Manana Golf Club in Cave Creek, Arizona. From the moment we walked into the club house, we were greeted by super friendly staff. The cart attendants and the starter were great also. In fact, when someone, we won't mention any names, accidentally left my golf bag open and the attendant picked up my bag, about 30 golf balls went bouncing in all directions The attendant was so nice and helped me chase golf balls. Big time thanks Mr Golf Attendant dude. The fairway and greens, well are, very green. The course is in great condition and the scenery is awesome. On the 10th tee, there is a little dining building called the Oasis. Had great hot dogs and bratworst. This course is narrow and has plenty of housing hazards for you shank-a-potimus'. The course is also teaming with wild life and beautiful wild flowers. In my opinion, this is a challenging course and probably not good for beginners. On the golf zombie scale, this course rates a 10.
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  1. The folks who own Rancho Manana also own the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa...didn't check all the way back in your posts, but have you been here? Laid back hacienda style resort, 27 holes with great practive facility...same great service...wide fairways...35 mins south of Tucson...check us out